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for sale…! For SALE…! November 8, 2010

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When you want to defend yourself after being abused… the closest society told you not to.

When you scream out your protest after being mistreated… the closest society told you not to.

When you expect an apology after being hurt… the closest society told you not to.

So what’s for SALE nowadays?


They want you to keep your mouth shut, face this agony on your own, and do nothing except giving in. But are there reasons why we have to nod our heads just like that?


the honour is mine… pffftt! January 1, 2010

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“If you just love ruining lives other than yours…. among millions out there…. why choose mine??”

asked I.

who should know that… June 6, 2009

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I’m sorry if I have a dignity.

I’m sorry if I want my share of happiness too.

I’m sorry if I don’t want to sacrifice myself anymore.

I’m sorry if I feel right.

I’m sorry if I object being hurt.

I’m sorry if I want to hear just that one word ‘sorry.’

I’m sorry if I scare you.

despite the urge to PUNCH. March 25, 2009

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One day, when it’s like any other day…

you may bump into someone who just has to ruin your day. Your happiness is definitely not on his/her list, nor is his/her concern. What he/she does to you, may instantly make him/her on top of your hit list. Hit, as in ‘punch’, ‘blow’ or ‘strike’, definitely not ‘murder’ please.

What he/she says to you, may inevitably make the gravitation of the Moon show an evident effect on your blood, making it jolting up to your head and boiling. You imagine how it would feel relieving to fold his/her body into two, like folding a sheet of paper, if only you could. But then again, all you can do is keeping the grudge underneath. Oh how you’d like to do the same to the person in return, but it’ll just make you become indifference with him/her, won’t it?

He/She leaves… but your day stays there. Your rage is still trapped underneath, yet, your day has to go on. So outraged, you tremble.

  1. So, quick! Grab any of your favorite non-alcoholic drink, e.g. hot chocolate, iced orange, hot chamomile tea, et cetera. Drink it slowly. Savor every flavor. Don’t picture anything in your head. It’s between you, and the drink. It’s personal.
  2. Listen to your all-time favorite song. If you happen to be in your room, the good news is you can sing along and dance to it! Oopss… don’t forget to close the door. Someone watching you with jaw dropping (or worse, holding giggles) may be the last thing you wanna see.
  3. You keep your baby’s pictures in your mobile phone or computer? Go, go, go! Open the folders and start looking at them all over again, from the very first minute of your baby’s arrival.
  4. Bear this in mind: there’s always someone else in the world who has a worse day than you. It can be your neighbor, or it can be Angelina Jolie. Don’t get it wrong, this doesn’t mean you should feel glad about it. You just simply need to know that you’re not alone.
  5. Try to find a person who seems to need your help. Give advices, offer to carry your friend’s stuffs… you’ll find out that no matter how small the help you give, in a way it always gives us a good feeling. Sometimes one good feeling is enough to overcome the bad one.
  6. For my moslem fellows, I’m sure dzikr is the answer for the terrible moment.