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…207 pages more. December 23, 2008

Posted by altari in home.
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Rome wasn’t built in one night, so was my kitchen. It’s 2×2 meters and used to be a total mess when it had no cabinets. Cans, plates, cutleries, pans, everything was piling up on top of the kitchen table. Every time I walked in, I would go as far as the fridge only. Don’t even ask where my sense of belonging was.  When my mom who visited me asked where the knife was, I could only say,”It’s there. It’s not lost. It’s still in the kitchen,” trying to sound encouraging, without moving from where I was sitting 😉


Until hubby asked me several months ago,”What do you want for birthday?”

“A kitchen set.” I replied.

“Well, there will be one condition…”


“Delicious meals.”

“Oh, I’ll make them even extravagant!”

I heard a snort as a reply. By ignoring the temptation to punch, I tried to throw a bargain,”Weekends only, yes? Still extravagant, I promise you.”



And then, with the help of my big brother in law who’s an interior designer, the renovation began. Every decision was given to me-love that, it was gonna be my kitchen after all-starting from the colors to the position of the cabinet handles. I chose cova calvados as the theme color, minimalist style for the cabinet-no handle for the lower cabinet, black galaxy for the granite, and of course, mosaic for the wall. I wanted my kitchen to be simple and warm, just a nice little space to cook for my family and friends.

After those heating debates with hubby about every simple-yet-appeared-to-be-a-bigger-deal thing… and those exhausting searches for the sink and water tap… not to mention the despair that the stove had to travel from afar… all that was finally paid for. I finally got my kitchen ready, and shiny (please ignore my narcistic-personality disorder.) Yattaaa!


I love it!

I love every angle of it.

You know what? I don’t even mind polishing every single inch of it in the middle of the night. Nope, I don’t have Obsessive-compulsive Disorder. Or maybe I do, when it comes to that little kitchen of mine.

And then came the time to perform (please read: cook.) Here’s what I’ve got to say about cooking. I’m not good at it, but I like doing it, yet I don’t take critics for it whatsoever (hah!)

I picked Chinese menu from the cooking book my mom gave me. It was gonna be Apple Dumpling, followed by Egg Flower Soup (this was called flower coz the egg gives the flower-shape effect when it’s poured into the soup) and Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce.

How long do you think, for an amateur who shamelessly sees herself as a chef and thinks she knows it all, to cook from appetizer to desert?


That’s the answer if you wanna pick a fight with me 👿

A day?

Okay, not that long, thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen, it took me 4 hours. Don’t ask me how many “Are you done yet?” questions I received during those sweaty hours. And finally…  voila!

Smelled good, looked good, or so I thought. And the comment for the Apple Dumpling was,”Can’t taste the apple.”

I got “Yuumm…” for the Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce.

And “Weird…” for the Egg Flower Soup.

“I said, I’m not asking for critics.” I said.

“It was for your own good.” Looks like I wasn’t being listened to. And then I asked,”Anyway, what’s my score?”

“Seven out of ten.”

“Come on. Eight will make me happy. Your stomach is fine after all, right?”

“Alright, alright. I give you… seven.”

Inhaled… exhaled… until I finally said,”That’s okay. And congratulation, you’re gonna get to taste 207 pages more from the book.”

“….” 😯

The day passed, and there have been around three serious cookings so far. I touched down in Chicken Teriyaki (well, who wouldn’t?) but almost killed myself when pulling Cheese Cake from the oven. Last but not least, my Lasagna made it to be my Mom’s favorite. Yaayyy!