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here, now. December 17, 2008

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Okay, so I’m running away from bunnymeetz.wordpress.com

I simply want to start anew. Nothing wrong with my old pages. It’s just that… (here we go…)

One, I haven’t posted there since, whoa… a year! Well, okay, almost. But still, everyone who takes a look at the last post in my old blog will surely think that it’s been abandoned. That the author just doesn’t care about it anymore (this was half true.) Alrighty then, my old blog was abandoned. I can take that. I must admit that I’m not much of a regular and high-spirited blogger. I made new posts when I felt like it. Oh well, you’ll probably still see me that way here.

Two, I was desperate with a new blog address. Bunnymeetz?? Come ooonn…! I chose bunny and meet (not a typo. It’s ‘meet’, really) coz I was, and probably still am, crazy about rabbits and I wanted to copy the words “Meet the Press” as in NBC TV Station in relation with WordPress. So, I guess some bunny had been pretty lucky to meet the press for a while.

Three, things happened for the past eleven months and they changed me. I’m brand new (except the ‘not much of a regular and high-spirited blogger’ part, d’uh…)

So is my blog.