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the ‘E’ virus got me at last! January 4, 2009

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Every time I went into a book store, any book store for the last few months, my eyes always caught Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and New Moon books. But never did my hands reach for them. My heart simply weren’t moved either. The same thing went whenever I flip through my newspaper pages and accidentally saw the Twilight cinema schedule there. There was just no desire to see it whatsoever.

Not until I saw Paramore’s Decode video clip on MTV and realized that something was different with this movie soundtrack. Of course, it’s all because Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen was there, with his deep see-through golden eyes, flickering in front of me (…jaw completely dropped.)


January 2, 2009

I went to the book store nearby and grabbed those two books. I meant to grab Eclipse as well but hubby reminded me that I’d better grab just the first two series in case I didn’t like the story. Well, I kinda doubted that considering that if Twilight wasn’t that good, the movie wouldn’t stay that long in cinemas and no second or third book. Right?

My mistake was… reading them while imagining exactly Robert Pattinson as Edward. Wow…! A huge mistake, I’m telling you, um, girls (I suppose…?) Coz what happened was, I read it non-stop from 11 pm to 4 am, and then continued with New Moon around the same hour on the next night, ended up craving for more!

January 3, 2009

In the morning with Edward waltzing between my brain synapses, I texted Ika, one of my bestest friends, who also collects Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga. She’s known for her extreme criteria in selecting crushes, i.e. superlatively handsome, stunning and gorgeous (yep, all physical, at least the last time I checked 😛 ) In relation with Edward Cullen, I so have a huge expectation that she’ll understand my ‘fever’ the most.

Me: bla bla bla Edward bla bla bla Edward bla bla bla Edward bla bla bla….

Ika: OMG, Al! What… how… 😯

Me: I knoooww (feeling helpless)

Ika: You sound like you’ve just been bitten by a vampire.

Me: Hm, good guess. Oh, Edward… Edward Cullen… will you be my son in law?

No more replies from Ika.

January 4, 2009 morning

I screamed to hubby,”Ika just texted me, she actually has the Twilight book, but the cover is the movie picture!”

Hubby was chasing my tot around and I could catch him rolling his eyes.

“And it’s got pictures bonus in it! I hate her! Iii haaate heerr! I’ve gotta have one too!!” I said, panicky. Don’t worry, I didn’t pull out my hair and roll on the floor. Maybe later, when the spunk ransom really shows up in front of my door (…fingers crossed!)

“What are you, high school student?” Hubby grumbled. “It would be much cooler though if Mandra was the title cover.”

What he said almost made me believe that he has officially signed up the Edward-Cullen-hater-hubbies club. Because below is Edward (or Robert, or Edward, or… hm, dizzy)


And apart from his wonderful works in Indonesian movies and TV dramas, this… is… Mandra…


PS: Hubby and I were actually planning to see Twilight the movie this afternoon, until a sad news broke…


a love letter January 3, 2009

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