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a small wish for this morning November 29, 2010

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I took a one-month leave from work to babysit my toddler. And now the leave is about to come to its end. It’s today, to be exact.

Now is 1:30 AM in the morning. In 6 hours, I will have to leave my baby girl in my relative’s house before going to the office. I’ve actually done it for months before this, but somehow this time I feel it’s gonna be damn hard.

Having spent time with my girl 24/7 at home… to me it was a blast and a generous bless from God.

May God make my heart stronger when I leave her later for work.

May God protect her from harm and danger.

May God make this easy for me and my daughter.


for sale…! For SALE…! November 8, 2010

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When you want to defend yourself after being abused… the closest society told you not to.

When you scream out your protest after being mistreated… the closest society told you not to.

When you expect an apology after being hurt… the closest society told you not to.

So what’s for SALE nowadays?


They want you to keep your mouth shut, face this agony on your own, and do nothing except giving in. But are there reasons why we have to nod our heads just like that?