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hey, Dhani… :) September 19, 2010

Posted by altari in the circle.
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I wrote this because I love her. My best friend Dhani.

I knew her since we were in junior high. We were always chair mates for 3 years in a row, which I should honestly call as partly lucky, because we had what you’d call as the “best of friends, worst of enemies” moments. So, it wasn’t always fun an experience 🙂

But during this past decade, we basically have gone through everything together. Though Dhani and I don’t see each other very much, but whatever gigantically-silly-or-small-genius things ever come up in our minds just make us instantly dial each other’s number.

….and now she’s in labor, in her 40-weeks pregnancy. Been having 7-minute contractions since an hour ago.

Allah The Almighty, Allah The Loving, please guide her. Please make Dhani and her baby go through this just fine.