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if there were words, ever…. January 12, 2009

Posted by altari in the circle.
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dawnWe’ll all die, eventually.

Heard that. Known that.

Until death touches someone dear, in fact perhaps dearest to your heart… that’s when everything matters more. That’s when no such thing as perfect words can be said in such reality.

To a dear friend of my heart,

Yes, I know there is nothing I can say to put back together your shattered feelings. Nothing I feel can equate the broken heart. Nothing I give can compete what you accepted before.

But here I am, a soul and a prayer, for you. For him.

In memoriam of Oom Budi Setiawan (January 4, 2009.)



1. myrna setiawan - January 15, 2009

Dear mba ayu…

Thank you for all the things that i can’t say ..it means a lot for me,i really miss my dad…rasa keilangan itu msh sangat besar,but i believe that this must be the best thing for my dad..Allah udh berkehendak,maka tidak ada satupun yg dapat mencegahnya…Insyallah aku dan keluarga tetep bisa di kasih kesabaran dan keikhlasan buat selalu tawakal sm apa yang kita hadapin sekarang….Makasih banyak yah mba ayu,smua support dr keluarga juga begitu besar buat aku dan kel aku..makasih mba ayu…

altari - January 16, 2009

That’s really beautiful, Myrna…

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