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advice, anyone? December 28, 2008

Posted by altari in questions.

I’ve been wondering for a couple of years… how can I make myself like a person, whom I don’t like? Well, I know this sounds meany. But I’m not gonna defend myself for not liking a person. I have my own reasons.

So, all I’m saying is… I’m not asking much. I just don’t want the situation where I’m in now is getting worse and worse and suddenly… the time bomb explodes. Again, I’m not asking much. I don’t have to love this person. I don’t even wish to adore this person. I just don’t want to hate this person.

Please anyone who reads this be kindly to share your advice with me. That’ll be precious.

I thank you beforehand.

Because today, I officially lost my respect for this person.



1. Lunarmusings - December 28, 2008

I’m new to your blog, and just stumbled on it. You post drew me in and for what its worth here are my thoughts.

One of the things that I have found to be truly liberating as I get older is the awareness that I simply don’t have to like everyone nor does everyone have to like me. Its that simple. When I realized this, I was no longer tied into people with this internal conflict and charge that felt like it was going to explode because i was spending so much time denying it, or suppressing it.

If this is a person you see often, perhaps its a matter of setting bounderies for yourself so that you limit your contact? Either way, the answer is not trying to make yourself feel something that you don’t. If this person isn’t to your liking for whatever reason, honor that feeling and accept it for what it is, and go about your life in peace.

altari - December 29, 2008

Got it, Lunarmusings.
That’s right. Now I realize that I haven’t liberated myself from the thought that it’s important if this person and I can like each other. Such expectation can be a real pressure… pheewwh..!
I’ve actually already limited my contact with this person, whom I do see often. Before today, it used to be difficult for me to get this person out of my mind when we were far from each other. What’s scary, I once thought we both were ‘soul mates’ for thinking about this person almost all the time! πŸ™„

Anyway, I’m gonna try doing your advices. They are good. I really appreciate your effort and time. Thank you πŸ™‚
Wish me luck okay?

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