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to the (not) early birds, some tips… December 17, 2008

Posted by altari in words.

When you get to your office late, here are some tips for you:

1. If you bring a bag, know someone right outside your office.

For example, the owner of a food stall where you regularly eat at or the person who gives you parking ticket. Ask him/her to guard your bag for a while. Once again, make sure both of you know each other, meaning you’ve chatted with him/her often before.

I knew the guy who sat in the parking ticket booth pretty well. So when I got to my office late, I asked him to guard my laptop bag while I went inside the building. And then I picked it up at lunch break when the office was empty so that nobody could see me sneaking up holding a large bag, without forgetting to bring him a bottle of iced tea.

At another time, I asked a friend from a different floor to guard it. This time it costed me a lunch box. But hey, lunch box compared to the office-owned laptop?

Alternatively, phone a friend (hang on, the last three words sound familiar…) who parks his/her car in the building. Put the bag in the car until lunch break. Words of caution: make sure no one else see you put it in the car. Some bad guys do target on cars with ‘obvious’ expensive stuff in them.

2. Stop by at the canteen to take away a cup of coffee or just a snack.

3. Walk into your office coolly and make sure everybody can see the coffee or the snack.

Why? The action will hopefully imply that people didn’t see you before because you went out to buy small breakfast. But if you have a meeting to attend, tell them you were locked in the toilet.

Good luck!



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