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Getting Set for The Swan Dive September 23, 2006

Posted by altari in from previous blog.

Hello, for both of us.

I’ve still got 6 pillow-thick books to gulp while all I want is sleep… zzzz…. BUT! There’s an 88% probability of failing the December exam coz I haven’t studied much yet. A fellow candidate told me that the other classmates who took the June exam had all failed. Moreover, as if it didn’t shock me enough, those who failed have Master degrees. So thank you, mate, for the news. It helps keeping my eyes wide open, a lot.

Well, well, what have I done? Maybe this is just a dream (or so I wish.) No books, no exam, no one failed it… I must be sleeping now. And yet, by the time I see this posted tomorrow, I’ll know I’m dreaming to dream… *sobbing*

So I’m planning to take this certificate from the US, which is simply an addition to dozens of problems in my life. Myth: the percentage of passing the exam accross the world is below 10% of total candidates. Fact: the percentage of passing the exam accross the world is wake-up-girl-coz-still below 10% of total candidates. Being aware of such an encouraging statistic, I entered the Visa number to register for the coming December exam. Yeah! Although there’d better be a good logical reason to insist on doing it. If not, then I must have accidentally hypnotized myself. Well done!

Sure, sure, for the sake of the idealistic way of speaking’s, I’d like to enhance my knowledge… add value to my degree… make my forehead more flashy (oof, enough please) if possible. And guess what? Whatever. I will take the exam because I wanna take it. I’m ready for the swan dive no matter what. So I suppose this is beyond mad. Don’t you? Especially since I don’t swim well….

… Welcome to my home!



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